Rylee growing in her garden!

Rylee growing in her garden!
Rylee happy after planting her seedlings

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I am sooo excited to be going to the beach soon : ) My Mommy and Daddy and Ella will alllll be going with me and we will be staying for a whole week. YAY! I want to build sandcastles and play in the ocean. And go swimming in the ocean. And when I am in the ocean I might see a whale and then go under the water. We will be staying at a beach house. My mommy tells me it is pretty big. We have to bring our own sheets and towels. I will also bring toys to play with. This is going to my third time at the beach and Ella's first. I will try to teach Ella how to build sandcastles too. There is a zoo near-by the beach and we will go see the animals. My favorite is the elephant.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Poem that My Mommy Wrote for Me When I Was a Month Old

The "Baby" Blanket (to Rylee written on January 15, 2007)

Beauty, innocence, happiness, joy
all wrapped in the blanket of you.
You drape your limbs across my body,
Wrapping me in the warmth of your love.

Curling your finger around mine
And looking into my eyes,
You bring the silkiness of trust
Into my life.

Softly I caress your back
To let you know of my faith
In Miracles,
In Life,

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A few of my favorite things by Rylee

My favorite color is.....red.
My favorite shape is ....a circle.
My favorite movie is ....Robots.
My favorite person is ...Alyssa.
My favorite TV show is...Little Einstein's.
My favorite book is......Bumposaurus.
My favorite toy is ......Spike Jr.
My favorite place to go is .....Aunt Heather's house.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Robots by Rylee

Robots are designed to walk and / or talk in a way like people. They can have fingers. They can wheel around like Wall-E. Unlike cars that we drive, robots do things on their own. Not all robots resemble people. They have jobs or "directives" as Eve-A calls it in the movie Wall-E.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gravity is what I learned about today by Rylee

Today I learned about gravity. I said to my Mommy and Daddy, "Gravity makes my poop go in the potty." My mommy laughed and so did my daddy. If we were on the moon, our jumps would be bigger, because there is less gravity. I did some experiments to test gravity. When I put a piece of paper on the part of my Daddy's arm that points down the paper dropped down. When I put a piece of paper on my Daddy's flat part of his leg it stayed on his leg. I had a fun time testing gravity and learning about it.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Donkeys have big ears

A donkey is grey. Today I found a donkey, that is what I wanted to look up on the internet. They make funny sounds. They say "heeee hawww". Donkeys are different than horses because their ears are bigger. That is what I learned today!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Mommy's Memories of My Birth

Rylee ~ My First Child is Turning 3 in Less than a Month!!!Share
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Rylee Margaret was born on December 6th, 2006, so she will be 3 soon! I have a moment to reflect and I am amazed at what I see! She is the light of my life and she has changed me sooooo much in her 3 short years on earth! She is the total package of intelligence, wit, beauty, empathy, and kindness!

This day three years ago, I was extremely big in the tummy, the nursery was ready and decorated with duckies, and I was sooo ready to have my first child! I had a closet stocked with diapers, clothes, etc....from the 2 lovely showers that my friends from work and my MIL threw for me!

The weeks between this day 3 years ago and Dec. 6, were of high anticipation! Heather had me at the mall walking the baby out! I had braxton hicks off and on, but nothing that sent me to the hospital. She (I knew from several U/S that baby was going to be a girl) was a stubborn one and was soo comfy in the tummy; at 39 weeks she was measuring big, so an induction date was set for 12/8 : )

Yet, she had other plans and my mucus plug came out with some mild leakage of fluid on 12/5. My on-call doc, Dr. Swanbeck told me to go the the hospital and get checked out! I was only 2 CM, but the fluid test revealed that I was leaking amniotic fluid, so I was officially checked in at 11 pm on 12/5. With pitocin, a long early labor and one stall out, epidural, feeling every contraction in half my body, a short active labor, an even shorter transition, a doctor hurrying down the hall, and only 10 minutes of pushing, Rylee Margaret quietly came into the world at 8 pounds 5 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long, reddish blond bundle of joy!

She was a really laid back infant, except at night when she had difficulty with gas (not enough of a tooty butt)! She slept a lot during the day and had to be ROCKED A LOT at night! I enjoyed 3 months of breastfeeding. Yet, she was very much a lazy bfer, so we switched to formula and she grew leaps and bounds ; ) As a baby (3 months ) she was interested in everyone and everything around her! She was and still is enamored by people in general! When we go to our favorite store, Target, she waves and says hello to all! She gets really mad when people don't say hello! LOL! Sleep was great from 8 weeks until 10 months and then teething occurred and we (Ian and I) didn't sleep much at all until she started to walk at 13 months! During the day, she would nap three times still, which helped A LOT!!!

Other than sleep issues, some minor temper issues, and her stubbornness, Rylee has been a very sweet, happy-go-lucky toddler! Well, that is until potty training! NOT going wonderfully! Yet, she is an awesome big sister to her 7 month old baby sis, Ella! She loves her friends (Alyssa and K.C. are her BFFs), family (Gramps - my dad- tops her list), her cat, Phin! She loves playing outside, she has an inquiring mind about what makes the world work! Her language skills are AWESOME! Once the binky goes, her mild lisp should disappear. She loves make believe, puzzles, dinosaurs, helping Mommy, My Little Ponies, art projects (especially those that involve glue or paint), Ella's toys (LOL)!

I am soooo excited about her turning 3 but I am also missing her as a baby = Bittersweet feelings all around!

Rylee's 1st Birthday Party ~ 2007

Rylee's Birthday Party ~ 2008 ~ 2 years old