Rylee growing in her garden!

Rylee growing in her garden!
Rylee happy after planting her seedlings

Friday, June 8, 2012

My Past and Present and Future

Past ~ I liked school with (Seyco) my friends Callie and Jacob, better when Ms. Freeman (my Mommy told me she was sick) left and Ms. Michelle took over. She was nice and we had more fun. The girls in the class who were being mean started to be nicer and I had more fun. Still didn't learn much. About three weeks both of my schools stopped and now I am on summer vacation. So, far I don't miss school at all. I have been busy with making my toys and dreaming of being a toy maker, I even told the entire audience at my Seyco graduation that I want to be a toy maker when I grow up. 

Recently, I went to a convention with my Mommy and met her friend Ms. Shelita. I then went to look at a huge collection of lego displays, since I like to play with legoes. Then off to the Super Hero Arts and Crafts in one of the convention center rooms. It was fun. My favorite part was playing with a new friend (for a day). 

Present ~ Now I am doing a lot of fun stuff at home with my Mama and little sissy, Ella. I like to make my toilet paper roll animals and play with legoes. Daddy is helping me learn to read and I am ready for summer. I am going to do a Basic Concepts learning workbook and I have already done 5 pages. I really like learning. My favorite thing to do is rhyming words and finding patterns and my Mom says that I am really good at it. My favorite TV shows to watch right now are Jack and the Neverland Pirates, Bratz movies, and Phinneas and Ferb. 

Future ~ Starting next week I will be going to Summer Camp at the YMCA. I will also be doing the Sibling class with Ella at FUNdamentals with Ms. Jen. It is one of my favorite "schools". Oh, and another favorite summer activity coming up is Vacation Bible School next door at the church. I will also be doing two Summer Reading programs one through Harford County Public Libraries and one through my NEW SCHOOL, Fawn Area Elementary (that is the program the wants me to do the workbook)! My Mama likes to plan a lot of stuff to keep me busy. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

School, Birthdays, and the New Year.

I am enjoying my two school programs. I go to Seyco Nursery School on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Then on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I go to KD Kids. My favorite part of Seyco is playing with the fake food, during free play. I am learning my letters with the letter puppets. My favorite letter WILL be R, when he or she shows up. My best friend at that school is Callie. I like her because she is pretty and because she plays gently like me. My teachers at Seyco are Mrs. Freeman and Mrs. Gemmil and they are nice. I like them because they help us learn.

K.D. Kids is fun too! Mrs. Baltzer, the teacher, is great, because she helps me with my art projects. On special occasions, we get to make ice cream and that is yummy. K.D. Kids is special because non of the kids get in trouble and because there are high school students, who are learning to be teachers. Alayna is my best friend at that school.

I am 5 now! I turned 5 a little before Christmas last month. My actual birthday was on December 6th, but we celebrated early this year in November. I had a family party with Lulu, Gramps, Mom-Mom, Pop-Pop, Mommy, Daddy and Ella at Mom-Mom's house on Thanksgiving this year. My party theme for that was Hello Kitty. That weekend we had a kid party, too. The theme of that was Rapunzel. My friends and I had a fun time playing games, like pin the crown on the princesses. We painted little fairy tale figurines, too. We also went outside and did a scavenger hunt for crowns and pulled strings on a castle pinata. Presents and cake happened last and I had SUPER FUN time!

Now it the New Year and I want to get better at putting on my seat-belt. I also want to get better at going down the stairs. We are planning Chuck E. Cheese this week if I get 20 stickers on my good job calendar. We are also planning on going on my first plane ride to Disney World in Florida in October!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

End of Summer and Beginning of the School Year!

We went to the beach in the beginning of September. I loved putting my feet in the water. Oooooooooo!!! In the beginning of the week Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop came to visit us at the beach. I liked going to see the fish and the under-water animals at the Aquarium with them. Then we went to the Boardwalk, just Mommy, Daddy, me and Ella. I enjoyed walking on the boardwalk, playing the games in the arcade and riding on the little rides (big rides were not open- off season)! Then on Thursday Aunt Amanda, Gramps and Lulu came to spend time with us at the beach. I loved spending time with Aunt Amanda, because I don't get to see her very often, because she lives in California. I love taking long walks with her. The walk at the beach was soooo long that we almost walked to Sunset Beach, but the sticks were blocking us. On the way back home from the Beach, we stopped at the Cape May Zoo. The snow owl was my favorite animal at the zoo.

I have been sooo busy since getting back from the beach. My new school started at Seyco and I really like it. My teacher's name is Mrs. Freeman and her assistant Ms. Gemmil. My best friend at that school is Callee. I like doing everything at school with my new best friend. I really like the letter people that they use to teach letters: N (Nosy Nose), A (Achoooo). I am going on my first ever real field trip tomorrow. We are going to Brown's Orchard.

I am also back at the high school for their KD Kids program. It was nice to see Mrs. Baltzer and my friend Alayna.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Art Projects

Hello, this is Rylee. I LOVE to do art projects. I love and love and love to give them to my friends. My favorite one was the big wheel, where I had to find pictures of transportation that had wheels. I learned that airplanes have wheels. It was FUN!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Things I am Doing and What is Coming Up This Summer and Fall!

I am really get better at playing the Wii car games! I don't drive off the road or get stuck anymore.
This summer I have some new classes. I am now going to a pre-sports class called Sports Mix and FUNdamentals. I like every part of both classes. At the end of June and through-out July, I will be going to Gymnastics. I am excited!!!! I am also going to Vacation Bible School at the Faith Orthodox Presbyterian Church next door the second to last week in June. YAY! Then FUNdamentals in August! Then the BEACH!!! WHEW! And then in September I start PRE-K - 4 year program at SEYco! I am looking forward to a new school and new teachers and making new friends. I will also stay @ KD Kids, too ; ) A LOT of fun in store for the next year or more!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Praying.for Ella.......

So, my Mommy reminded me that Ella is turning 2 soon. I really thought that when she turns 2 she will be able to walk without her walker. My mommy said that she may not ever walk on her own, but Mommy said, "We can always hope." I said, "Mommy, do you think we can pray to God, too?" She said that we could always say a prayer. I love my little sister and I pray that Ella will walk on her own.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cleaning up and other big girl stuff....

I know how to clean up and get dressed and jump up and down. Ella can't do all that stuff. I feel sad for her.

Yet, I am happy that I can do those things. I can also do tricks like standing on my hands. I can stand on one foot and spin on one foot! Mommy says, 'WOW!" when I do that.

I like this week better, because I am making the right choices and not getting into trouble. I am not doing bad stuff. This week I am saying please and thank you, helping around house, helping my Mommy with Ella, and using my listening ears much more than the last couple of weeks. SO, I have been getting A LOT of stickers for listening and using good manners. So, soon I will be able to see Tangled with my Mommy.

(Me and my sister Ella playing. Ella is learning how to walk in walker. I
am sooo proud!!!)