Rylee growing in her garden!

Rylee growing in her garden!
Rylee happy after planting her seedlings

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cleaning up and other big girl stuff....

I know how to clean up and get dressed and jump up and down. Ella can't do all that stuff. I feel sad for her.

Yet, I am happy that I can do those things. I can also do tricks like standing on my hands. I can stand on one foot and spin on one foot! Mommy says, 'WOW!" when I do that.

I like this week better, because I am making the right choices and not getting into trouble. I am not doing bad stuff. This week I am saying please and thank you, helping around house, helping my Mommy with Ella, and using my listening ears much more than the last couple of weeks. SO, I have been getting A LOT of stickers for listening and using good manners. So, soon I will be able to see Tangled with my Mommy.

(Me and my sister Ella playing. Ella is learning how to walk in walker. I
am sooo proud!!!)

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