Rylee growing in her garden!

Rylee growing in her garden!
Rylee happy after planting her seedlings

Sunday, March 6, 2011

What I Can DO!!!

rylee ~ I just typed my own name!!!!!

I can do tricks, like standing on my hands and feet with one foot up!

I can recognize most of my colors.

I can recognize the letters: L, R, E, X, Y, O, Q, Z, B.

I know all of my ABCs!

I know how to count from 1 - 12 without messing up!

I know most of my shapes, including diamond, triangle, rectangle, oval, circle, square. I know that a stop sign is an octagon.

I know how to rhyme now. I know that cat and bat rhyme. : )

I know how to use my imagination by playing dress up, puppet shows, and making up lots for stories and songs.

1 comment:

Laura said...

I love seeing all of Rylee's "can dos". I'm sure it is a boost to her self esteem to be able to list all that she has learned. Way to go Rylee...Lulu