Rylee growing in her garden!

Rylee growing in her garden!
Rylee happy after planting her seedlings

Friday, June 8, 2012

My Past and Present and Future

Past ~ I liked school with (Seyco) my friends Callie and Jacob, better when Ms. Freeman (my Mommy told me she was sick) left and Ms. Michelle took over. She was nice and we had more fun. The girls in the class who were being mean started to be nicer and I had more fun. Still didn't learn much. About three weeks both of my schools stopped and now I am on summer vacation. So, far I don't miss school at all. I have been busy with making my toys and dreaming of being a toy maker, I even told the entire audience at my Seyco graduation that I want to be a toy maker when I grow up. 

Recently, I went to a convention with my Mommy and met her friend Ms. Shelita. I then went to look at a huge collection of lego displays, since I like to play with legoes. Then off to the Super Hero Arts and Crafts in one of the convention center rooms. It was fun. My favorite part was playing with a new friend (for a day). 

Present ~ Now I am doing a lot of fun stuff at home with my Mama and little sissy, Ella. I like to make my toilet paper roll animals and play with legoes. Daddy is helping me learn to read and I am ready for summer. I am going to do a Basic Concepts learning workbook and I have already done 5 pages. I really like learning. My favorite thing to do is rhyming words and finding patterns and my Mom says that I am really good at it. My favorite TV shows to watch right now are Jack and the Neverland Pirates, Bratz movies, and Phinneas and Ferb. 

Future ~ Starting next week I will be going to Summer Camp at the YMCA. I will also be doing the Sibling class with Ella at FUNdamentals with Ms. Jen. It is one of my favorite "schools". Oh, and another favorite summer activity coming up is Vacation Bible School next door at the church. I will also be doing two Summer Reading programs one through Harford County Public Libraries and one through my NEW SCHOOL, Fawn Area Elementary (that is the program the wants me to do the workbook)! My Mama likes to plan a lot of stuff to keep me busy. 


Amanda Tuttle said...

Creativity runs in family. Granddad An inventor, poets, artists, photographers, now rylee wants to be a toy maker. So be it !! Sounds like her mama gives her lots of room for creative exploring and blossoming. Was her class super heros? I love the pics. Love to all of you.

Rylee and Heather and Ella said...

It was a "class" or program at the Wizard World Convention that she got to make her own super-hero mask and some other accessories, including a cape to "become" a super-hero. She calls herself Super Fast!